The Lincoln lawyer

Never ever underestimate anything or anyone till the moment one open eyes after sleep.

Anything and everything matters in this quick moving world.

Through a balanced life every problem arises challenge.

Only seeing challenge is still in analysis paralysis stage but a healthy mind and body sees as opportunity to crackle for change.

On changing our attitudes and perceptions makes the lives journey wonderful.

Thereby acknowledging Indian cricket Team for creating a sensational history after 32 years.

Justin langer – Australian Coach

Lessons to learn:

The team witnessing a generational shift of players.

A young generation of cricketers climbing steep high in International arena.

Rewriting history is to leave behind past and march towards future.

For sure, whatever seen is not an overnight achievement. As the relentless work has been portrayed as success in the end.

Poem to ponder:

Joy and pleasure:

Now, joy is born of parents poor,
And pleasure of our richer kind;
Though pleasure’s free, she cannot sing
As sweet a song as joy confined.

Pleasure’s a Moth, that sleeps by day
And dances by false glare at night;
But Joy’s a Butterfly, that loves
To spread its wings in Nature’s light.

Joy’s like a Bee that gently sucks
Away on blossoms its sweet hour;
But pleasure’s like a greedy Wasp,
That plums and cherries would devour.

Joy’s like a Lark that lives alone,
Whose ties are very strong, though few;
But Pleasure like a Cuckoo roams,
Makes much acquaintance, no friends true.

Joy from her heart doth sing at home,
With little care if others hear;
But pleasure then is cold and dumb,
And sings and laughs with strangers near.

William Henry Davies (1871-1940)