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Month January 2020

NTA NET-Paper 1-December 2018 Higher Education System in India

18th December 2018 Shift-1: Which of the following body is empowered with the role of appointment and approval of teaches in a University System in India? Options:- University Court/Senate Board of Studies Board of Management/ Executive Council/ Syndicate Academic Council… Continue Reading →

NTA NET December 2018 paper 1 ICT-Information and Communication and Technology

18th December 2018 Shift-1: Which one of the following pairs least matches in respect of computers? Options:- USB: Universal Serial Bus LCD: Light Crystal Display GUI: Graphical User Interface 1 Gigabyte Amit has decided to use either a DVD-RW or… Continue Reading →

NTA NET-Paper 1-December 2018 People, Development and Environment

18th December 2018 Shift-1: Which of the following gases initiates a chain reaction that breaks-down ozone in the upper atmosphere? Options:- Carbon dioxide Nitrogen Dioxide Hydrogen sulfide Chlorine Assertion (A): The ecosystem surrounding a river gets damaged due to the… Continue Reading →

NTA NET Paper 1 December 2018 Teaching Aptitude

Teaching: In the two sets given below, set-I provides the different levels of teaching and learning while set-II gives their exemplars and concerns. Match the two sets and select from the code to indicate your answer. Set-I – (Levels of… Continue Reading →

NTA NET paper 1 December 2018 communication

18th Morning Dec 2018 Session Match the following. Given below are two sets, set-I embodies the type of communication while set-II provides their exemplification. Select your answer from the code given: Set-I (types of communication) – Set-II (exemplification)       Linear… Continue Reading →

NTA NET paper 1 December 2018 Mathematical Reasoning

18th Morning Dec 2018 Session If NTA14 and NTA15 are 5-digit numbers such that their sum is 157229, then N+T+A would be: Options:- 25 72 21 15 NTA+NTA = 157229 2(NTA) = 1572 NTA =786 N=7T=8A=6 N+T+A = 7+8+6 =… Continue Reading →

NTA NET Paper 1 December 2018 Logical Reasoning

The structure of arguments: A deductive argument is invalid if Its premises are all true but its conclusion is false. A cluster of propositions with a structure that exhibits some inference is called An argument Identify the argument which involves… Continue Reading →

NTA UGC NET Paper 1 December 2018 Research Aptitude

Research: Meaning, Types and Characteristics Ability to see and size up the situation creatively is most relevant at which stage of research ? At the stage of identifying and defining a research problem. Sequence of research steps is nearer to… Continue Reading →

NTA NET Paper 1 December 2019 Higher Education System

2nd December Morning shift: Learner-centered approaches SWAYAM computer-aided interaction MOOC’s Quizzes Buzz sessions select the correct options 1 and 3 2 and 3 2 and 4 3 and 5 Learner-centered teaching means that – learners are given an opportunity to construct… Continue Reading →

NTA NET – Paper 1-December 2019- People, Development and Environment

2nd December Morning shift: Identify environmental issue which are local in nature lake pollution soil erosion Water logging solid waste management Govt of India has set up the ministry of Jal Shakti by merging which of the following Ministry of… Continue Reading →

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