Foola’s Motivation – Learning to Unlearn

It took a popular quote of steve jobs in his Stanford graduation day talk “ stay hungry and stay foolish”. Such visionaries are made out of the curiosity of living life.

This site is a labor of love for those believing in themselves. They tread their own path of bringing change from the status quo. In order to do so, there lies a story to be told in every niche.

Being derived from such a famous quote of an entrepreneur, foolaa tries to carve its own meaning.

Mr. Jobs experience of the depth of life is evident from his speech

1. “You can’t connect the dots looking forward you can only connect them looking backward”

2. “The heaviness of being successful was replaced by the lightness of being a beginner again”.

These are such words which cannot be read and understood but marks the statesmanship who has lived up to his own commitment. To quote is to adopt such practices for people to love what they do.

Foolaa notes this irony of a non-graduate giving speech to thousands of graduates. There arises a dropout to drop in the idea of building their own life.

The entire speech here .

Power of I

But recognizing the fact that the times are changed, every person has the unique experience of encountering their own lives. Every story has to be told and everyone has to be embraced. Therefore, the greatest learning comes from the freedom to fail.

Events to take note:

Every individual is empowered with powerful tools to share their unique thoughts. It tends to help everyone in making informed decisions. The likeminded community enables this process.

As long as every person has energy and innovative spirit alive, there arises the scope for exploration.

People with a spark aligns with change and requires behavioral change for the real achievement of true education. It can only be inculcated by the constant search of feeding one’s mind.

Last but not least there is no reason not to follow your heart unless and of course one can always blame the situation for.