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Month June 2020

Biological Monologue – Body and Mind interaction

Pineal: Hi milky Pituitary: Hey sonnie !!! look at that girl. She is very pretty Pineal; Oh come on. Not again. you know am not interested in such stuff Pituitary: You ascetic a** Pineal: Haa! If I want I can… Continue Reading →

Variety is the spice

Folk Songs: Rawness of culture is marked in every community. As this folk song of irula tribe in tamilnadu is being modified in one of the malaylam movie ayyapanm koshiyum. The cultural richness of community and a diversity that withstands… Continue Reading →

Learner and learning Process

Intelligence: In ancient India, the development of the inner nature or character of the student was deemed as one of the essential objects of Education. Because Mere intellectual development without the development of character will defeat the very ends of… Continue Reading →

Buddha in a traffic jam

People with logical mindset in the world have literal association of life while those with the intuitive sense are left to label as blind belief. Combination of intuitiveness and logic breaks the barriers of mind to see a new reality…. Continue Reading →

Art and science of life

Cosmic force is guiding all action and one is an instrument of that force. This is evident when one closes all the seven openings of the head where a space between the eyes becomes all inclusive. In cricket wonder ever… Continue Reading →

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