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NTA NET Qualification:

Understanding Normalisation norms: selection of candidates: Raw scores obtained by the candidates Paper – 1(common) = 80/100 – [40 out of 50 Questions answered correct] Paper-2 (subject specific)= 140/200 – 70 out of 100 questions answered correct] Normalization procedure is… Continue Reading →

Learning process Questions

Thorndike: Thorndike’s connection-ism – The capacity to form concepts and grasp their significance. Thorndike –  Power of good response from the perspective of truth or fact. The correct sequence in the development of learning theories – Thorndike’s Connectionism, Pavlov’s Classical… Continue Reading →

Research in Education:

Meaning and Scope of Educational  Research:– The correct sequence of actions in conducting an intervention-based action research in education, Plan, act, observe  and reflect Selection of the problem Formulation of hypothesis Methodology Data collection Analysis and interpretation of data Report of result The… Continue Reading →

Learning Logic

Organising teaching: Herbart’s Model – Memory level teaching: To get factual information To train memory faculty To retrain the learning material in memory stage To reproduce and recognize the learned information required. In  memory level lower level of learning outcomes get… Continue Reading →

Learner and learning Process

Intelligence: In ancient India, the development of the inner nature or character of the student was deemed as one of the essential objects of Education. Because Mere intellectual development without the development of character will defeat the very ends of… Continue Reading →

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