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CTET question paper-2 Child Development and Pedagogy

CTET December 2019: Child Development and Pedagogy: Noor forgot to bring her tiffin to school and asked tanya to share her tiffin saying “You should share your tiffin with me today because I shared my tiffin with you yesterday”. According… Continue Reading →

CTET Science content – paper 2 previous year questions analysis – part-2

CTET February – 2015: Food: Tartaric acid is found in unripe mangoes and grapes. The correct sequence of excretory system urine – kidney – ureter – urinary bladder and urethra. Muscle cramps – conversion of pyruvate into lactic acid one which does… Continue Reading →

CTET Science content Paper 2 previous year questions part-1

CTET December – 2019: Food: ‘X’ is a chemical present in our stomach and is necessary for the digestion of food. When ‘x’ is secreted in excess, it causes health problems like indigestion. ‘Y’ is a chemical used to treat this… Continue Reading →

CTET Science Pedagogy previous year questions

CTET December – 2019: Not true with respect to the nature of science – Science is equivalent to a set of facts Science promotes skepticism. Science is an interdisciplinary area of learning, Science is always tentative As per NCF,2005 good… Continue Reading →

Previous year CTET question paper-2 Child Development and Pedagogy

CTET February 2014: Child Development and Pedagogy: The figures that correctly represents the development according to Piaget’s developmental theory Development along Y-axis and Age along x-axis represented in bar graph – Discontinuous. A teacher found that a student is facing… Continue Reading →

Previous year CTET question paper-2 Child development and pedagogy

CTET January -2012: Child Development and Pedagogy: Environmental factors  that shape development include all of the following Quality of education  Quality of nutrition Culture except for Physique Development starts from the pre-natal stage. A predominant hereditary related factor  – the color… Continue Reading →

CTET Previous Year Questions Analysis- Part-2

English Pedagogy of language development: December-2019: A teacher asks her learners to collect words/phrases on various aspects they see and notice in their markets and streets. Later, the learners write the words and phrases according to the category and discuss… Continue Reading →

English CTET Paper-2 Notes

Language Development: Language lab is the place where the learners have to listen to the headphone. The language labs are set up with a view to providing listening activities in order to develop Speech habit The practices that will help… Continue Reading →

Maths Pedagogy-Part-2

Numbers: The numerical expression 3/7 + (-7)/8 = 25/56 shows that1. Rational numbers are closed under addition Write any 5 numbers whose cube is more than 64 – It is an open-ended problem Let a,b,c be 3 rational numbers , where… Continue Reading →

Maths Pedagogy – Part-1

Rational numbers The numerical expression 3/7 + (-7)/8 = 25/56 shows that rational numbers are closed under addition. To prove that root 2 is an irrational number a teacher begins by assuming that it is a rational number and then… Continue Reading →

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