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Variety is the spice of life

Hi dear friends. Today turns out to be very positive. I would like to substantiate this statement by narrating a series of events. Last Saturday I was very much down as I could not able to perform my test as… Continue Reading →

Authoritative vs Analytical way of listening

What is great listening? In future there’s going to be a great paucity of listeners with the social media and whatsapp pumping contents making people hyper deficit in attentiveness? This is what i noticed when I saw one of my… Continue Reading →

Blossoming love in winter and fallen lust in summer

Genre: Love Character: 1. Mommy – kanaga 2. Daddy – ganesh 3. Son – vakshit 4. Daughter – sreshta 5. Mother in law – kanagambal 6. Father in law – thondarasan 7. A dog – chimba 8.A guy – hanumant… Continue Reading →

BIMSTEC – Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation

The European and ASEAN experience is a testimony to the contribution of regional cooperation for promoting the economic growth of countries. In that way, BIMSTEC acts as a bridge between south and south-east Asia except Maldives, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Recently… Continue Reading →

Biofuel in Aviation Sector

Spicejet operates India’s first bio-jet fuelled flight from Delhi to Dehradun. It has been developed by Indian Institute of Petroleum in Dehradun where refining has been done. Thereby, India has joined an elite group of countries to operate bio-fuel powered… Continue Reading →

Regional trading blocs

The world trading bodies like WTO has been vociferous in curtailing raising tensions emanating from the nations protectionist stand of carrying out the trade. It has begun since the U.S started imposing tariff hikes on its global imports with least… Continue Reading →

A strange encounter on independence day

I found uncomfortable in my room as it got filled with more than the required members. One of my roommate’s father and another roommates friend apart from the regular four. I found compelling to leave my home as excess people… Continue Reading →


Second and the final draft published – 40.9 lakh cases found dubious – claims of objections 1st draft published at the end of 2018 Legal Process – NRC in assam: Citizenship act laid down rules – Special provision for NRC… Continue Reading →

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