Genre: Love

1. Mommy – kanaga
2. Daddy – ganesh
3. Son – vakshit
4. Daughter – sreshta
5. Mother in law – kanagambal
6. Father in law – thondarasan
7. A dog – chimba

8.A guy – hanumant


Family’s scenario: How hard to raise a family even the parents don’t have time to look after the kids:

It was a family of seven. with different age group ranging from oldest tradition( of grandmas and grandpas) to the modern kids.
The opening scenario starts with the love of children to the dog more than the parents show love to protect the child.
It needs to be emphasised that the love shown by children are conditional and how its different from the protective egoistic nature of grownup’s love.

The child walking with the dog talks by saying that he has a rough day with mom and dad. He initially asks question to dog by asking “why dad and mom always fight each other?”Dad is busy in his dreams coming alive, while mommy takes care of the home.
Initial hiccups and interaction with mommy and daddy about the child behavior.
They were fighting for child’s behavior about their less attention to the child.
Meanwhile, the child is wittily avoiding parents conversation and tried to escape from home along with the dog.

Daddy tried to beat the shit out of the child by seeing the child’s behavior but mommy allowed the kid to be beaten.
But the kid wondered mommy usually was his protector but remains clueless why she allowed him to be getting beaten.
Though he loves mommy very much her acts made him to say that “I hate you” and left the home angrily.

Daddy is an infamous short film director who is dreaming big about the upcoming release of his famous film fortune in the industry.
He hardly takes note of the family’s activity

It was a busy family filled with aspiration. Dad is aspiring to become
a great director, Mom was busy, searching for a permanent job. So she is financially constrained to fulfill her child’s dream of joining in a dance class. However, she was doing part-time job to support her family.

Everyone is busy with their own worldly life yet reality pulls them
to meet for running family.

Mommy is a fortune savor for the family she had a bike and it was like her wings to support business, managing home, and going to attend class for her preparation
to government exam.

So a regular day starts by preparing two children to school, after which going to attend part-time office work,
then go to institute for preparation for govt exam. later in the evening goes to purchasing materials for business and also took care of whether children are doing homework promptly.

In the end, she turns out to be a great manager of the family.


Location: In-home

Somebody in the institute suggests going to the library for learning in peace. Mommy had an alternate day off in her part-time work.
But then she did not give it adequate attention. One day she was very sad as her mother in law scolded because of her negligence in taking care of children.
As mommy is so sensitive she was torn apart and remembered someone in the institute telling her about going to the library.

Though the real reason was to escape from the home, she said she is going to prepare for the exam, so said to husband and left home.

Location: In the library,

as it was the first day and the place was new, she was very hesitant to go inside. She called her friend who was studying along with her in the institution.
she hesitantly walked inside the library with a lot of doubts in her mind, like what books to study? Suddenly a watchman approached her by calling her
she was so hesitant to even look him. Mam “you have to sign the log book but u didn’t do it.”
Oh sorry, she looked at her friend with a face reaction that “why you didn’t tell me”?

Both entered a room where heaps and loads of books and many people were studying around as she noted everyone.
She got some books and found a place to read.
There she happened to meet a young and nice looking guy who was sincerely reading books. Mommy took a note of it but she also has been noted by her friend. During lunch, they were having a little pep talk about the guy.


Next day in library:

Mommy came early in the morning to read book and got seated in front of the guy whom she met last day. The guy found a pleasant smell around him suddenly and noted that some girl was sitting in front of him. As it disturbs him from focusing he asked ” what was the perfume you sprayed”?.
Mommy hesitant to talk and responded with a gentle smile. the guy looking at the smile became calm

That day they share their lunch and got introduced themselves.


girl: You are so sincere in your studies.What exam are you preparing for?
Guy: Oh just dont ask questions
girl: Y?
Guy: If you ask questions, you will be having answers also in you and you will be fitting me in such a category? Instead think of me as just a normal guy.
Lets begin with some simple talk. Instead of formal enquiry.
Gir: Laughed ….and said you talk well….
Guy: Vow…i take that as compliment
Girl: You come daily?
Guy: Again questions???? OMG… k ask me 10 questions immediately
Girl: Why? what?
guy: 2 questions over. haa ton kanakkunu fun…while u respond to questions…..
Girl: seri time aayiduchu naan kelamburen!!!
Guy: y so soon?
girl: I have afternoon class. One of my friend used to come here. She suggested me this place to be good for studying. So I came. Ok Bye.
Guy: K bye.


In the library,

Next day the guy did not see her. So asked to her friend about the girl. She said, “she doesn’t know”.

In the institute,

Her friend told that the guy was looking for her. In addition to that, she was ballooning things like she’s in love with the guy in the library.
Mommy came to know about that and became furious.

Next day before going to the office she came to the library with tears in her eyes. She explained everything to that guy and said that she won’t be coming to the library hereafter.
The guy understands her feelings and tried to console her. He said world always talks about such guftaggos. Don’t take it seriously and is not worth it.
You are grown women many people come along your way. Just ignore the ones that doesn’t suit you and be happy for this moment.
She said thanks and felt somewhat soothing.
When she said in doubt that she might not come to library hereafter, then the guy asked her phone number. She said and went as she was in hurry to go to office. The guy caringly asked her to ride safely as there will be heavy traffic


In library, after one week

Though he got her number he didn’t call her once and waited for her to return to library. When she came he did not notice her initially. When he was about to go to lunch and checked whatsapp he found her message to accompany her. The guy said that “there’s deep down inside i feel love for you.
I don’t know whether it was correct or not but whatever felt I told u”. Mom felt sorry for him and vanished. He searched for her but nowhere could she be found. When he was about to leave the library he again got messages stating that she was waiting downstairs to see him.

She asked him” how dare you say that to me” the guy replied ” even before he knows that she was married he has fallen for her”. He hugged her tightly and kept his ears close to her chest. He felt her heartbeat was so real that it was beating so fast beating all scientific facts about that it only pumps 72/min for a normal person.
He usually felt the world is a shitty place to live and nothing was real but for the first time he has realized the truth of love is not in the word but hearing it from the heart itself. The world becomes so big inside him and he sat behind her bike by holding her tight in her waist.


In beach:Next day

Her shift ends in the afternoon. The guy also tends to finish his studies morning and wait for her call to meet her.
Most often he calls afternoon and hangs around with her
in the city. As she got a bike, she took him, hanging around new places.

Both started making love for each other. when he expressed his love close to her ears, their time becomes lovable and slow, when the world is running fast. The boy becomes too emotional how her
mother was his inspiration throughout his life.
He started sharing his childhood experience especially being a naughty kid who always put mama in trouble. When he was sharing his childhood stories, he found a glaring happiness in her. When he asked about her kid she replied saying that  “those incidences and lessons would be so helpful to raise her kids.
She started sharing a funny instance of his son and the dog. How he always gets beaten up by his daddy for his silly activities.
They both got deeply connected
So they were discussing about the future course of relations to carry forward.But they both couldn’t able to label it as love, or friend or anything else at all.
They only know it’s something special which could be ever recalled for the rest of their life.

After enjoying a full bright moon and the sea waves. The world started to look more attractive in the normal eyes of the guy.
Though there were a geographic fact about the moon comes close to the earth causing more vibration to earth. The night of darkness started to glow in his foresight like bright sunny day. All scientific explanations of the nature started to loose relevance as those information started to add beauty to his mind.
People just say that those are just emotions, which happens by hormones. Especially when such words come from his friends, everyone looks so small that he realized that he could remain friend with only his emotions and feelings. Rest all are just a physical entity comes and passes by.
The girl said that she also share, the same feeling and even started calling the guy as the god for bringing her strength.

Suddenly a police appeared before them spoiling the course of the moment. he started explaining shit like how murders happened around this place.
He goes on to demand money from them, however, they managed to be escaped from the situation.

Though the relation helps both of themn to broaden their horizons by exploring new worlds of each other, society considers as an affair bringing cautious destruction to the conventional norms.
It is one of the least lesson both learned out of that instance. It created a rift in the relationship and both started to follows their own world of routine matters


After a few years,

the small boy grew up and came to know her mother was in a relationship sometimes ago. The boy tends to take vengeance against the man whom her mother loves while
betraying his own father.
The very act of vengeance brewed in him as the dad turns out to be an unsuccessful director and put the whole family under jeopardy.
When he is about to assault the man he turns out to be gentle and explains the course of action that how he arrives at the city after a strange incident of being debt-ridden from home.
He made him understand vengence is never an option and during his course of interaction, found that the guy is talented in computers.
so he offered a scholarship to continue his studies for earning a well-paying job. Later the guy became a top talented computer mind to open his own company and best regarded as the finest minds of the country

AliceKeyStudio / Pixabay

By seeing his growth the old man(ealier that guy who came to city with nothing) become proud and embrace the power of love, as it can transform many lives in the society, despite which it did not allow the love to blossom!!!


Inspired to be written after the movie “Unfaithful”