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In the presence of a guru

Once, while wandering happily in the forest, Dattatreya met a King named Yadu, who asked him the secret of his happiness and the name of his guru. He replied, “The Self alone is my guru. Yet, I have learned from twenty-four other… Continue Reading →

About Foolaa

Foola’s Motivation – Learning to Unlearn It took a popular quote of steve jobs in his Stanford graduation day talk “ stay hungry and stay foolish”. Such visionaries are made out of the curiosity of living life. This site is… Continue Reading →

Empathizing encephalitis

The recent outbreak of epidemics hits the national media which usually goes unnoticed with the opening pages grabbing eyeball of cricketing news stories. Acute encephalitis syndrome claiming 136 lives of children in Bihar. Immediately hearing the name of the disease… Continue Reading →

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