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Month December 2019

NTA NET Paper 1 December 2019 Teaching Aptitude

Teaching: The sequence which correctly indicates the order for ensuring teaching-learning activities in a constructivist approach engage, explore, explain, evaluate and extend In constructivist method  emphasis is given on students as creator of knowledge. From the list given below identify… Continue Reading →

NTA NET paper 1 june 2019 Mathematical Reasoning

Number Series: The sixth number in a sequence of numbers is 32 and each number after the first number in the sequence is 4 less than the number immediately preceding it. What is the third number in the sequence?44 Solution:Each… Continue Reading →

NTA NET paper 1 June 2019 Logical Reasoning

The structure of arguments: ‘All Judges are fair-minded’ is an example of _____________proposition.  Universal affirmative Universal negative Particular affirmative Particular negative Reason: The classic square of opposition comprises 4 categories of statements A,E,I,O A – All judges are fairminded, E… Continue Reading →

NTA NET paper 1 june 2019 communication

Communication: Meaning, Types and characteristics: A basic principle of effective classroom communication is that one should adapt his or her own________________ to the audience. Which of the following would replace the gap?Message the correct sequence of one way process of… Continue Reading →

NTA NET Paper 1 June 2019 Teaching Aptitude

Teaching: Reflective practice implies use of one’s Metacognition At the reflective level of teaching the Focus of concern is problem raising and problem-solving So, it encourages critical thinking based cognitive interchange that involves analysing and creating. A teacher gives a lot of… Continue Reading →

NTA NET paper 1 june 2019 Research Aptitude

Research: Meaning, Types and Characteristics Which of the following action sets best represents an action research cycle? Plan, act, observe and reflect Action research is the steps of research have to be cyclic. Improving an existing situation through use of interventions…. Continue Reading →

NTA NET paper 1 june 2019 – ICT-Information and Communication and Technology

20th June– 2019 Shift-1 In internet terminology, what does the acronym WYSIWYG stand for? What you See Is What You Get? Which one of the following components is faster in terms of speed of access? RAM Software that you can… Continue Reading →

NTA NET paper 1 june 2019 People, Development and Environment

20th June 2019 Shift 1: One of the main outcomes of the Rio +20 conferences was to develop a set of Sustainable Development Goals Millennium Development Goals National Development Goals National Land Restoration Strategy The time frame for the implementation… Continue Reading →

NTA NET paper 1 june 2019 Higher education System in India

20th June Morning-2019: Which one of the following reports addressed the academic, technical and administrative problems of the examination system? Reports on the standards of the Educational System (1965) Report of University Education Commission (1948-49) Sargent Report (1944) Hartog Committee… Continue Reading →

CTET Science content – paper 2 previous year questions analysis – part-2

CTET February – 2015: Food: Tartaric acid is found in unripe mangoes and grapes. The correct sequence of excretory system urine – kidney – ureter – urinary bladder and urethra. Muscle cramps – conversion of pyruvate into lactic acid one which does… Continue Reading →

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