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Cryptocurrency ban in India

Initially, on raising a family, a father and a mother grew up in a different environment. So with the mindset of raising a family, they got involved in daily affairs of bringing up their child. During their time it’s cash… Continue Reading →

A glimpse of the Indian finance industry

What is the ban on cryptocurrency mean? The panel set up by the interministerial committee of the government submitted it’s reporting on virtual currencies. It has proposed the banning of private cryptocurrencies by imposing fines, and penalties for trading activities… Continue Reading →

DNA technology bill,2019

History of DNA: Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid is a complex hereditary material in a cell. It is like a brain memory that guides the body to perform its action. So DNA comprises of chemical nucleotides which are responsible for a cell… Continue Reading →

Empathizing encephalitis

The recent outbreak of epidemics hits the national media which usually goes unnoticed with the opening pages grabbing eyeball of cricketing news stories. Acute encephalitis syndrome claiming 136 lives of children in Bihar. Immediately hearing the name of the disease… Continue Reading →

IBC vs Shashakt

Earlier RBI’s proposal of mandating banks to start the resolution process under IBC for large accounts are to be considered defaulted for even a single day of delay. Such pressure of carrying out resolution mechanism has turned many companies got… Continue Reading →

Data Protection

Privacy – a fundamental right Earlier in the supreme court judgment, the privacy of an individual has been granted the fundamental right to be protected. this has been effectively recognized in the country’s attempt to provide a data regulatory framework…. Continue Reading →

U.S administration granting STA-1 status

U.S administration under trump has granted STA-1 status to India. While the media projects it as India become the first South Asian countries to be recognized as par with NATO allies of the U.S like Japan, Australia, and South Korea. But… Continue Reading →

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