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Olympic fever: “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” Benjamin Franklin Olympics: The Olympic Gold is the most sought after reward for sportsmen, the world over. It means you are the best in the world, and there… Continue Reading →

Frivolous pursuits of truth:

Emotional Intelligence: The film talks about empowering thoughts of youthful brothers and sisters by emotions. The character space wrestles with their contradictory responses to the pressures of libido, reason, passion and propriety. With all themes being intact, makes an impact… Continue Reading →

Spirit of sufism

Sufism describes self or ego as a continuum of ever expanding universe. The self has the potential to function from gross to subtlest (higher order)level. Art gains momentum by exploring such subtler aspects of life. Ayurveda – “The science of… Continue Reading →

To be seeking

As I improve my knowing,Stillness comes along ,In everything I do. As I improve my knowing, the mind escapes and comes back to the experience of vastness within. As I improve my knowing, I silently listen to chirping birds, the… Continue Reading →

Variety is the spice

Folk Songs: Rawness of culture is marked in every community. As this folk song of irula tribe in tamilnadu is being modified in one of the malaylam movie ayyapanm koshiyum. The cultural richness of community and a diversity that withstands… Continue Reading →

Art and science of life

Cosmic force is guiding all action and one is an instrument of that force. This is evident when one closes all the seven openings of the head where a space between the eyes becomes all inclusive. In cricket wonder ever… Continue Reading →

Melancholic Mysticism:

In the Indian tradition of yoga, there are seven schools: 1. Sankhya yoga or the yogaof knowledge (Jnana yoga); 2. Karma yoga or the yoga of action; 3. Bhakti yoga or the yoga of devotion to God; 4. Mantra yoga;… Continue Reading →

Universal Vs Existential

First Para: Ik bagal mein chaand hoga, ik bagal mein rotiyaan ,  Ik bagal mein neend hogi, ik bagal mein loriyaan, Hum chaand pe roti ki chaadar daalkar so jayenge, Aur neend se keh denge lori kal sunaane aayenge  one… Continue Reading →

The word for the month – Ascetic

you are not your job you are not how much money you have in the bank you are not the car you drive you are not the contents of your wallet you are the all-singing,all dancing crap of the world… Continue Reading →

The Girl who got away

Quote: A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions. – By Oliver Wendell Once there lived a youngster who is shrewd enough to deceive parents to go and watch movies with… Continue Reading →

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