Gangs of Wasseypur 2012

First Para:

Ik bagal mein chaand hoga, ik bagal mein rotiyaan , 

Ik bagal mein neend hogi, ik bagal mein loriyaan,

Hum chaand pe roti ki chaadar daalkar so jayenge,

Aur neend se keh denge lori kal sunaane aayenge 

one side is the moon and on the other side there is bread (food) , On one side there is sleep and on the other there are lullabies, We will cover the moon with the flat bread and tell “sleep” that we will sing a lullaby tomorrow.

Second para:

Ik bagal mein khankhanati sipiyaan ho jayengi, 

Ik bagal mein kuch rulaati siskiyaan ho jayengi

Hum seepiyon mein bhar ke saare taare chun ke aayenge

Aur siskiyon ko gudgudi kar kar ke yun behlayenge

On one side there will be tinkling oysters, one one side there will be cries and sobs. We will gather stars and fill the oysters with them and we will pacify the sobs with tickles.

3rd Para:

Amma teri siskiyon pe koi rone aayega,

koi rone aayega Gham na kar jo aayega wo fir kabhi na jayega,

wo fir kabhi na jayega  Yaad rakh par koi anhoni nahi tu laayegi,

laayegi to fir kahani aur kuch ho jayegi 

Oh mother someone will come to weep with you as you sob, and don’t you worry once that person arrives he will not leave you. But remember you will not bring anything improbable with you, as then it will be a different story all together. 

4th para:

Honi aur anhoni ki parvaah kise hai meri jaan,

Hadd se jyada ye hi hoga ki yahin mar jayenge,

Hum maut ko sapna batakar uth khade honge yahin,

Aur honi ko thenga dikhakar khilkhilaate jayenge .

Who cares about the happenings and mishappenings, the worst that can happen is that we will die here, we will call death a dream and stand up again, and will mock at the happenings and laugh our way out of it! 


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