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Month January 2021

Spirit of sufism

Sufism describes self or ego as a continuum of ever expanding universe. The self has the potential to function from gross to subtlest (higher order)level. Art gains momentum by exploring such subtler aspects of life. Ayurveda – “The science of… Continue Reading →

Chidambara Ragasiyam

The true origin of the Nataraja temple lies of course with Shiva and his performance of the Ananda Tandava in what was in those days known as Tillai. Today it is known as Chidambaram, the Space of Consciousness. This goes… Continue Reading →

The Moment of truth

Never ever underestimate anything or anyone till the moment one open eyes after sleep. Anything and everything matters in this quick moving world. Through a balanced life every problem arises challenge. Only seeing challenge is still in analysis paralysis stage… Continue Reading →

NTA NET Qualification:

Understanding Normalisation norms: selection of candidates: Raw scores obtained by the candidates Paper – 1(common) = 80/100 – [40 out of 50 Questions answered correct] Paper-2 (subject specific)= 140/200 – 70 out of 100 questions answered correct] Normalization procedure is… Continue Reading →

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