My name is Breathless
I can’t breathe when you are near
My name is Memoryless
I have no memories, only fear
My name is Bondless
There can’t be a bond between you and me
My name is Friendless
I don’t have any friends as you can see
My name is Sleepless
I just stay awake and think of you
My name is Painless
There’s only emptiness and nothing you can do
My name is Tearless
There are no tears left to cry
My name is Trustless
Can’t trust anyone just want to die
My name is Skinless
There’s no outside to show me
My name is Nameless
There’s just nothing I can be
My name is Warless
I don’t want to fight
My name is Endless
I want to be forever by your side

But I will destroy everything we’ve built together
My name is Loveless,
I can never have true love forever.

Source: Loveless by Aislin-Sedai