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Living organism in the ecosystem

1. Food chain and food webs: Which of the organisms in this food web gets energy from both producers and consumers? Shrimp The shrimp gets energy from both the snail and algae. What organism is a primary consumer in the… Continue Reading →


Fermentation: Which of the following statements about bread making is correct? Bread is made with the help of ethanol fermentation. Bread dough has yeast in it, which carries out ethanol fermentation to release carbon dioxide. When the bread is baked,… Continue Reading →

Molecular technology

Structure of DNA and RNA: DNA packaging: The image below depicts different levels of DNA packaging. Among the above structures, non-histone chromosomal (NHC) proteins in order to enable efficient packaging of DNA into D. If D is a chromosome, what structure does… Continue Reading →

Human health and disease

Malaria and Plasmodium life cycle The Plasmodium protozoan undergoes different stages of development in its human and mosquito hosts. Match the event/stage of life cycle with the site at which it occurs. Event Site Initial multiplication of sporozoites in humans Liver cells… Continue Reading →

Human Reproductive System

Which structures produce the male gametes? Testes The testes produce sperm, as well as the male sex hormone, testosterone. The structures labeled B are vas deferens, which transfer sperm from the epididymis Structure C is the urethra. It allows both… Continue Reading →


Types of reproduction: the offspring of asexual reproduction describes They result without the fusion of gametes. Offspring of asexual reproduction result from only one parent, so they do not require the fusion of two parent gametes. Offspring of asexual reproduction… Continue Reading →

Biological system

Digestion in Intestines: True  statements about villi Villi are finger-like projections found on the inner lining of the small intestine. Villi increase the surface area for absorption of nutrients. Villi are richly supplied with blood vessels. They help in the… Continue Reading →

Plant nutrition

Passive transport: True statements about passive transport Substances move from areas of high concentration to areas of low concentration. In passive transport, molecules always move along the concentration gradient, from an area of high concentration to an area of low… Continue Reading →

Cell cycle

Chromosomes, genes and proteins: Identify the correctly labelled structures. B,and C are alleles of the same gene. B, and C, are both located at the same place on a pair of homologous chromosomes, and therefore represent alleles of the same gene…. Continue Reading →

Biological molecules

Biological macromolecules: Which of the following biological macromolecules is correctly paired with one of its functions? Proteins  – Provide cell structure. Proteins are important macromolecules that play a role in maintaining cell structure. They are also important for cell signaling… Continue Reading →

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